Leah Andricopulos


Leah is from Mokena, Illinois. When she received piano lessons as a Christmas present from her parents 17 years ago, she had no idea of the ways it would enrich her life. Through her musical studies, she has made lifelong connections, traveled to either end of the country, performed live on stage countless times, and even travelled to Europe!

Though she always sang in choir, she did not realize that her piano experience would help her excel in school and in extracurricular activities. Learning piano first made it much easier to become proficient in trumpet and French Horn. She was put in leadership positions in school ensembles where her peers would benefit from her knowledge. Her teachers showed such patience and joy in their work that inspired her to make music her life’s pursuit.  She has been a performer all her life, playing in recitals and talent shows whenever possible and even working as a church musician.

Ms. Leah has now taught piano for 7 years and considers herself a constant learner. She belongs to the Music Teachers National Association and benefits from webinars and symposiums, working hard to bring her students the best teaching techniques and technologies.

Music is best done with other people. Ms. Leah loves accompanying soloists and ensembles as well as participating in ensembles. Her only greater joy comes from seeing her students succeed with the hope that it may do for them half the things it has done for her.

Ms. Leah holds an Associate’s Degree from Joliet Junior College in Music Performance, a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance from Butler University in Indianapolis, and a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Ms. Leah was excellent at meeting my daughter where she was in her progress towards learning piano. She was kind and patient, but did not hesitate to set clear expectations and standards for my daughter. My daughter showed significant progress while working with Ms. Leah.


Parent, Piano Student

I would absolutely recommend Ms. Leah to any parent looking for a professional piano instructor. My son was not an easy student, having ADHD, yet Ms. Leah found ways to work with him. She took the challenge head on and found ways to keep my son engaged and excited about piano.


Parent, Piano Student

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