Jeff Mellen

Voice, Guitar

Jeff Mellen is a multi-instrumentalist from Lynnfield, Massachusetts. He attended boarding school at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, and received his Bachelor of Arts in Music from Kenyon College in central Ohio. Upon graduation, he settled down in Chicago.

In high school, Jeff specialized in guitar, becoming widely known on campus as a dependable accompanist for concerts and coffee house performances, able to learn numerous songs with just a day’s notice. Jeff discovered his love of singing while in high school, and decided to make voice his primary focus in college. During this time, Jeff led and Music Directed multiple student singing groups that specialized in areas including pop, contemporary, classical, choral, and musical theatre. He also taught and tutored music theory throughout his college career, and played electric bass in both a student band and multiple musical theater productions.

Throughout this time, Jeff discovered that teaching music was what he truly loved. His approach to teaching centers around the development of the student’s individual sound and musical identity. Jeff believes that, when students develop a confidence in their own abilities and artistry, they can then truly explore and refine themselves as musicians.

I have learned from many voice instructors and choir directors in the past and I believe Jeff has mastered the most important skill: a music teacher’s ability to build positive, uplifting relationships with their students. He understands where every student is coming from as well as where they want to go, their goals and aspirations....

Kennedy F.

Parent, Voice Student

Patient, kind, understanding and deeply empathetic- Jeff will consistently go the extra mile to make sure his students feel comfortable and heard. I have watched as Jeff taught complex rhythms and harmonies to both fellow music majors and to those almost completely without prior musical knowledge with the same amount of skill and importance. With his compassion, kindness, and incredibly impressive theoretical knowledge, Jeff Mellen is an absolute blessing to have as a teacher.

James D.

Voice Student

Jeff is a patient and attentive teacher. He has greatly improved my technique and given me the confidence to perform with passion. I feel that Jeff is personally invested in helping me become the best singer I can be.``

Graham B.

Voice Student

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