Melody Xin

As a young pianist with six years of teaching experience, Melody Xin devotes herself into music education with her passion, creativity and patience. She was born in China, began her piano journey when she was five years old. After 5 years of dedicated learning, she passed the highest level of Chinese Piano Examination. She earned her bachelor degree in Music Performance at Shandong Normal University and is planning to pursue her teacher license and advanced education at DePaul University.

During the school, she participated various performance and practice concerts with large numbers of audiences and was invited to attend numbers of international piano competitions with top prizes. She had been working as a piano teacher in Pearl River Piano Group and Phoenix Piano school for 4 years. In 2014, she came to Unites States and continued her interest in teaching piano at home. In 2017, she became a professional music teacher to hold private class, after-school group class to express her expertise in piano, flute and voice.

Here are the list of honors and achievements in the past:

  • Excellence Award in the Piano Competition of the 4TH International Chinese Arts Festival in Singapore, 2012.
  • The Second Prize in the Piano Competition of Sixth Strait Four Youth Arts Festival, 2012.
  • The Second Prize in the Piano Competition of Chinese and Korean Art Show, 2012.
  • Third-prize Scholarship in Two Consecutive Years, 2009-2011.
  • The Second Prize in the Basic Skills Competition of Shandong Normal University in 2010.