Austyn Estey-Ang


Austyn Estey-Ang began his musical journey at age nine playing clarinet.  As early as a year later he had begun performing in competitions, and two years later started piano lessons. Throughout his middle school career, he competed in many competitions on both Piano and Clarinet. He also played tenor saxophone in the local community college Jazz band. It was not until age fiteen that he began oboe lessons. Just after three months he achieved a Command Performance, the highest level, in a competition. Along with competitions he was also first clarinet and Principal oboe in the Southern California High School Honor Band.  He also became principal oboe of the Pacific Symphony Youth orchestra, where he shared a stage with the legendary Steve Miller and his band.

Austyn has since completed a Bachelor’s degree in Oboe Performance and a Master’s degree in Orchestral Studies from the Chicago College of Performing Arts under the tutelage of Peggy Michel, Lora Schaefer, Scott Hostetler, and William Welter.  He is an Associate Member of the Chicago Civic Orchestra and regularly performs with such institutes as the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic and University orchestras such as Northeastern Illinois University. He continues to grow in name as a freelancer in Chicago. He has also been a part of the Miami Music Festival and the Mediterranean Opera Studio & Festival in Sicily, Italy.

One of the most rewarding experiences in his life was as a mentor in the Chicago Orchestral Academy’s Protégé Philharmonic where he trained high school students on intonation, blending, section listening, and overall orchestral etiquette.  Austyn has a passion not only for orchestral music, but chamber music as well. As he grows in name, he hopes to share his passion with the next generation so that they can learn to love music as much, if not more, than he.

I thought Austyn was great. I'm not a beginner and needed help with improving my tone. He did a good job of using a combination of imagery and more tangible suggestions to describe what I should be doing with my air, and how I should shape my sound. He also helped with other items that he noticed: embouchure, fingerings, reed making, etc. As a person, he was flexible and calm. I'd recommend him.

Kaitlin V.

Oboe Student

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