Dylan Barnett


Dylan Barnett is a Chicago based guitarist, composer, songwriter, and educator whose eclectic involvement in a variety of genres sets him apart from the average musician. With an extensive background in everything from jazz, rock, funk, and blues, Dylan’s musical style refuses to be confined to a single genre, and instead embraces a mixture of all the music that inspires him.

Currently enrolled in the jazz program at the Depaul University School of Music, Dylan is studying with some of Chicago’s best working jazz musicians such as Bob Palmieri, Mike Allemana, and Dana Hall. Along with being involved in the university’s jazz workshop and numerous combos, Dylan can be seen around the city performing in local restaurants, bars, and art galleries. Dylan also regularly performs with singer Riley Elmore, a high-ranking contestant on the television show The Voice.

Outside of the jazz idiom, Dylan performs regularly with his group Jam City Collective. Led by close friend Devin Wessels, this group performs original funk and soul music along with covers of classic songs. Their first EP ‘Welcome to Jam City’ was released in summer of 2018 with Dylan as a credited songwriter and producer. Dylan also just released his debut single ‘The Statement’ which features his talents as a songwriter and producer. His first solo project will be available for streaming in the summer of 2019.

Dylan is the co-founder of Jam City Records, an independent record label formed with good friend and collaborator Devin Wessels. The label releases music that Dylan and Devin both extensively work on as musicians, songwriters, and producers. For more information, please visit www.jamcitycollective.com


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