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Andrii Shtandryk

Guitar - Ukranian, Russian, English

Andrii was born in Ukraine where he began as self taught guitarist at the age
of 14. From the young age he has been listening to a wide variety of styles
from pop music, house, EDM to soul, blues, jazz. With such an influence
Andrii built his unique guitar style based on such a legends as Jimmy
Hendrix, Luiz Bonfa, Jimmi Page, Joe Pass and many more. In order to
understand and implement their styles Andrii took the lessons from the best
teachers in Ukraine, Poland and then, after moving to Chicago he met some
of the most talented guitarists of jazz/gospel/soul scene who’s been his
teachers and mentors for a last 4 years.

Andrii can be seen performing with other artists in a restaurants, bars, art
events around Chicagoland. He regularly performs with his original hip hop/
funk/jazz band called “Prismatix” at the most popular live music venues like
Chop Shop, Cole’s Bar, Northside Bar & Grill, AliveOne, Tonic Room. Also
currently he is working on finishing his solo LP called “Ocean Feeling” and
variety of smaller projects.

For the last couple years, Andrii began a career as a music teacher. As a
teacher, Andrii strives to spark a light of interest in a students eyes at the
first place because in his opinion it’s not enough just to give a proper
knowledge. It is important to figure out a student’s music preferences and
start showing knowledge on something they love.


Lyceum of Physics  & Technology, Iwano-Frankiwsk, Ukraine;

University of Information Technology and Management, Rzeszow, Poland;




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