Amro Helmy

Piano, Guitar, Oud, Composition

Arabic, English

Amro Helmy is a unique, highly talented Arabic teacher and Oud player who has mastered a large number of styles using different techniques, approaches and textures. His style of playing and compositions has earned Amro considerable international attention.  His musical style deeply captures the emotion of the audience.

He began to teach himself how to play Oud at the age 14. He has performed more than seventy concerts around the world and participated in more than fifty performances at various interfaith programs in Chicago.

During the last five years, Amro’s compositional and performance skills witnessed a growth in sophistication resulting in him composing original music for the anti-war video documentary “NO MORE WAR RAFFAT.”

Beyond his outstanding onstage performances, he is also a teacher of the musical arts in many schools in Chicago.  Amro’s dedication to his craft and his students ensures that quality music will continue to flourish to future generations.


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